Wise Uninstaller™ Help

Wise Uninstaller™ is a powerful and effective uninstall tool to easily uninstall unneeded and stubborn applications associated with registry information on your PC which standard Windows Add/uninstall applet can't remove successfully.

Tip: It is better to register first in order to activate all the provided functions.


Normal Uninstall
This powerful function is equal to the standard Windows Add/Delete Program and is the most used way to remove programs on your computer. Firstly, it would clean up all the registry entries that belong to the program which you want to uninstall. And then it will delete all the component files in your hard drive. After these removal steps are completed, the uninstallation is done perfectly by Wise Uninstaller.
1. Click the uninstall application then click "Uninstall".


2. Click"Yes" to continue or "No" to cancel.

3. Click "OK" to finish the uninstall process.

Advanced Uninstaller
Software Uninstall may fail when you encounter stubborn, corrupted software that it cannot remove, you can resort to the Wise Uninstall. Corrupted software cannot be removed because part of the components and information are lost or deleted. powerful Software Uninstall needs intact information for the software before it can remove it.Besides,this function can fully clean leftover files, registry settings and all fragments of a program out of your PC if you fail to fully uninstall a program by other uninstall tools.




You can respectively choose two distinctive types of uninstall ways. One is uninstalled by Wise Uninstaller, the other is Uninstall by both embedded and wise uninstaller.



1. Click the uninstall by Wise uninstaller application then click "Ok". The program may scan the software you want to delete. Choose the item you want to delete.



2. Click"Uninstall" to continue and finish the uninstall.



(2)Choose Uninstall by both embedded and wise uninstaller if you can’t uninstaller for the program but just a shortcut icon of it.



1. Click the uninstalled by both embedded & Wise Uninstaller of the uninstall application.



2. Choose the item that you want to remove, Click"next" to continue or click “back” to return the last step.



3. Click "Uninstall" and finish the uninstall process.


Useful Utilities

There are four useful and powerful utilities to clean and manage your PC in Wise Uninstaller.