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How to Uninstall 12Ghosts TrayProtect

12Ghosts TrayProtect is a very useful tool in your computer desktop. With extensive information stored on a system, it might be challenging at times to trace the file you want instantly. Despite, many computer users wish to remove this tool because it does not do a content search. Speed is an issue and the search results are not ranked. Moreover, it reduces the systems performance a lot. Certain others wanted 12Ghosts TrayProtect to be removed before trying to remove other desktop tool and many others available online.

To uninstall an independent 12Ghosts TrayProtect , go to control panel and click on Add or Remove programs. A list of programs installed will be populated and displayed on the screen. Choose 12Ghosts TrayProtect from the list and click "Remove". Once you tick "Remove" you will receive a message asking for confirmation to uninstall. You can say "yes" and continue removing because 12Ghosts TrayProtect was put in your system as an update package. You can ignore warnings as it cannot disable any other programs or updates. Also make sure that you remove all latest product updates. Removing 12Ghosts TrayProtect is critical, only when it does not show up in Add or Remove Programs.

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This kind of software was packaged with other tools initially. If that is the case, uninstall them which will eventually remove 12Ghosts TrayProtect . When you want to retain them, and remove 12Ghosts TrayProtect alone you should uninstall both of them. Alternatively, you can also go to program files and delete 12Ghosts TrayProtect . Delete the allied registry keys and run a registry cleaner to be free of void COM registrations.

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If none of these works, then try removing manually. You can use a third party removal software .This method involves creating you own deletion 12Ghosts TrayProtect . After execution you will be given with three uninstall options like interactive, quiet or passive modes from which you can choose. Interactive execution happens without any command-line arguments and incites for a restart finally. With the Quiet uninstall option; the removal software forcefully restarts the system and it runs using command-line arguments.. This Uninstaller package allows you to the find hidden 12Ghosts TrayProtect thereby enabling thorough deletion.