Download Wise Uninstaller for Windows

Powerful Uninstall.

Wise Uninstaller can completely clean leftover files,speedy registry settings and all fragments of a program out of your PC if you fail to fully remove a program by other uninstall tools, for example, it can rapidly remove and uninstall cometbird.

Wise Uninstaller.

If you fail to uninstall an application with Wise Uninstaller, just submit it to us. We guarantee that you can expect to get our solutions with 36 hours. That is, when you are using Wise Uninstaller, you are not only having the handy toolkit but also the speedy services by our professionals.

Junk Files and Registry Cleaner.

Junk Files and Registry Cleaner removes various types of junk files such as backup files forcibly, crashing files, temporary files to free up valuable disk space and speed up system performance.Also,it can scan and clean up more than 1500 PC errors in Windows forcibly. Your PC will run speedy than ever after thorough scan, safe repair and junk files clean-up.

PC Devices, Services & Process Manager.

PC Devices, Services & Process Manager can make you disable or stop certain useless device, service or process in your system with just a few clicks so as to free up disk space or memory to boost your PC speed.

Threat & Startup Cleaner.

Threat & Startup Cleaner can help you enable auto-running programs and services to improve system-boot speed forcibly; get rid of unwanted browser plugings to make Internet surfing speedy; scan and clean up dangerous activeX objects such as remove and uninstall cometbird.

Program Remover & File Sheder.

Program Remover & File Sheder can forcibly and completely remove any files you want without leaving trace forcibly and speedy. It can help you to remove many annoying program today, it can uninstall greenshot and uninstall quickfix.

List of Comparisons    Wise Uninstaller Windows Add/Remove Programs Other Uninstallers
forcibly and quickly uninstall Yes No Yes
forcibly and quickly uninstall Corrupted Program Yes No Not Sure
Registry Entries Clean Great Poor Good
Forcibly Display/Uninstall Hidden Program Yes No Yes
Show Details Of Program Great Poor Good
Speed uninstall Great Poor Slow