Why choose Wise uninstaller?

Wise Uninstaller™ is the most powerful Windows uninstaller on the Internet market. It is not only able to uninstall programs on your PC but also will enhance the PC performance to make it like a new one. Furthermore, Wise Uninstaller™ will never delete any programs, files, registry entries by mistake. It is very safe for you to use Wise Uninstaller™ to uninstall programs which you don’t need on the computer. Free Download Now
Uninstall Any Unwanted Programs Easily

Features of Wise Uninstaller™

What Wise Uninstaller can do for you?

About Wise Uninstaller™

List of Comparisons    Wise Uninstaller Windows Add/Remove Programs Other Uninstallers
forcibly and quickly uninstall Yes No Yes
forcibly and quickly uninstall Corrupted Program Yes No Not Sure
Registry Entries Clean Great Poor Good
Forcibly Display/Uninstall Hidden Program Yes No Yes
Show Details Of Program Great Poor Good
Speed uninstall Great Poor Slow